EDF login: easy access to your MyAccount (2023)

Customers with an EDF Energy login can use it to manage their bill payments, submit meter readings and more. You can even download the EDF app. If you are new to the EDF login process, we will walk you through the process step by step. Read on to learn how to get the most out of your EDF Energy MyAccount online login service.

EDF login: easy access to your MyAccount (1)

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Like all major energy suppliers,EDF energyLet their customers handle their daily tasks online. If you need to check or pay a bill, change your name or address, or even solve a problem, you can do it all online. Datumongoing energy crisis, being able to avoid calls is also a big advantage of logging in with EDF.

EDF Energy My Account

EDF login: easy access to your MyAccount (2)

The EDF MyAccount Portal is an online portal to EDF Energy's collection of services for private and small business customers. It contains a lot of basic toolsEDF My accountCan help you organize the energy needs of your home.

Once an EDF Energy login is set up, household customers can do soEDF My accountweb portals:

  1. Check your balance, bills and statements
  2. Check your energy consumption
  3. Submit your meter reading- You can do this through the EDF app or by calling the appropriate EDF helpline (see How to find the right EDF helpline below).
  4. Change your rate - In My Account, select "Change rate" from the menu and follow the instructions.
  5. change your rate- In MyAccount, select "Change rate" in the menu and follow the instructions. If you want more information, check out ourEDF rateguide.
  6. change your data- arrivechange your account nameor address using the LiveChat service. Use the "About Me" section in "My Account" to change your email address.
  7. Set up and manage direct debits- You can use the direct debit setup form on MyAccount or use the LiveChat service, you just need your sort code and account number.
  8. Arrange Smart Meter Installation- In MyAccount, go to the "Smart" section and simply select the installation date and time. You can also orderEDF smart meterBy calling the appropriate helpline (see How to find the right EDF number below).
  9. View Warm Home Discount Payments- If you are a direct debit customer, you can view your payment methodEDF Sweet Home discounthas been applied to your bill.
EDF login: easy access to your MyAccount (3)

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How to open the EDF login page?

EDF login: easy access to your MyAccount (4)

To access your EDF MyAccount portal, you must first go to the EDF Energy login page. We've broken down a few different ways to find EDF login pages below.

  1. Type "EDF Energy" into your search engine. Select the "EDF Energy" option - this should be the first result. This will take you to the start page of EDF Energy. Then click where it is'my bill'In the upper right corner. You will be redirected to the EDF login page.
  2. Type "EDF Energy Login" into your search engine. Click on the results for Login Online Energy Bill | Login. EDF Energy". This should also be the first result on the page. You will then be taken directly to the EDF Energy login page.
  3. Finally you can access directlyEDF login page.

Curious how EDF compares?Knowing what other people think about energy suppliers is often a deal breaker before we decide to switch companies. All customers have different experiences, but we should consider it all before deciding to join a company. look at ourEDF ratingguide for more information.

How do I log in to my EDF Energy account

customer whoalThose with an online EDF Energy account just need to enter their email address and click Next. Click"Remember Me"Check whether you use your own computer or mobile phone. This way you can skip this part of the EDF Energy login process next time.

Then you need yourpasswordThen click on "Log in to my account". You may be prompted to enter onelogin codeIf you are trying to access your EDF Energy account from a new device. EDF Energy will send a code to your email address. Leave the EDF login page open and check your email account in a new browser tab,Involvingyour spam folder.

Once you have your EDF Energy login code, return to the My Account page and enter it. You must use an EDF Energie login codewithin 10 minutesOtherwise, you must request a new one.

EDF login: easy access to your MyAccount (5)

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Can I manage my EDF MyAccount abroad?

Yes! Log in with EDF Energy UK and you can easily access your EDF MyAccount while sipping sangria on a beach in Spain or tasting wine from a vineyard in Bordeaux. as long as you haveAccess to the InternetYou can log in to EDF Energy UK as you would at home.

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How to register for EDF Login?

EDF login: easy access to your MyAccount (6)

If you do not have an online EDF MyAccount login, you must create one on the EDF website. the following'Log in to my account'Where it says "Sign up for my account", click the"Sign up to go home".

You will be asked to provide some information to complete the EDF login registration. First you need youre-mail address.When this is done, click on theorange buttonMark it as "Next".

Now you need to enter the following data:

  • Your first and last name.
  • Your 12-digit EDF Energie account number. This can be found in any correspondence or e-mail from EDF Energy.
  • your zip code.
  • your new password.

When you create a login password for EDF Energy, EDF requires that the password contain the following characters:

  1. 8 to 16 characters
  2. one upper case letter
  3. a small letter
  4. number one

protect against!Remember never to share your EDF MyAccount credentials with anyone, as they can make changes to your EDF Energy account and access your billing information.

After filling in the EDF credentials, click on "Next". You can then choose how you want EDF Energy to do thiscontact youMake your selections and click Next.

now you mustActivate your accountstart using it. EDF Energy will send you an email with a link to verify your email address. click on this linkwithin 24 hoursActivate your account. If you don't complete this step, you won't be able to log in.

The next time you go to the EDF login page, you can enter your email address and password to gain accessDirect accessto all your EDF Energy Bill data. To speed things up, add the EDF Energy login page to your internet browser's favorites. so you willSave yourself a few clicksWhenever you need to review an EDF Energy related task, you have your mouse at your fingertips.

Why can't I log in to my EDF account?

EDF login: easy access to your MyAccount (7)

The EDF login process is simple, but that doesn't mean you'll never have trouble logging into your EDF Energy account. Let's see below what to do if you forgot your EDF email address or password.

EDF login: easy access to your MyAccount (8)

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I forgot my EDF MyAccount login email address

If you have forgotten your EDF Energy MyAccount email address, you can easily retrieve it. Just go to the EDF login page and click where it says"Forgot email?"red letters. You must then enter the following information:

  • your surname.
  • Your 12-digit account number. It starts with "67".
  • your zip code.

Then click on the orange button that says'Find my email address'.

I forgot my EDF login password

If you have forgotten your EDF Energy login password, you can log in with a special code. Click'email me code'On the screen that asks you to enter your password.

If for any reason you need to reset your password, you can use itEDF login codeGo to your account and change your password in the "About me" section.

You can continue to use the login code system to access your accounts instead of passwords, as EDF sayssafer systemHowever, the unique EDF login code can only be used once before it expires. You must request a new code in your email each time.

EDF Energy Company Login

EDF login: easy access to your MyAccount (9)

forEDF commercial energyAs a customer, you want to have online access to your billing and account information. You can register for the EDF Energy Business Login as follows:

  1. go toThe company page of EDF Energythen clickmy billIn the upper right corner.
  2. Click on the next page where it is"Don't have an online account?"right below the title.
  3. Then click on the box labeled'Register your company'.
  4. Enter your email address and click'Following'.
  5. Now you need to create a password and click'Following'again.
  6. On the next page you can choose how EDF Energy will contact you. After selecting an option, click the'Following'.
  7. ClickknobAsk EDF to send you an activation email.
  8. Go to your email and open the latest message from EDF Energy. Click on the link to activate your EDF Energy business login.
EDF login: easy access to your MyAccount (10)

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If you don't click on this linkwithin 24 hoursActivate your account and you cannot log in.

Do I need an EDF login?

Although EDF Energy's customers arecheer onSet up an online EDF MyAccount login to manage their energy bills and usage yourself, and you can still do some of these things without an EDF login.

You can submit routine meter readings to EDF Energy via their website or via their appgoogle playor insideApple App StoreNo online EDF Energy account is required.

You can also call EDF Energy's automated telephone linesubmit your readings.

if only youmove placeIf your new home is offered by EDF Energy, you can provide your meter readings by telephone at the start of the works. you need younew address,type benzine(natural gas, electric or both) andmeteraflezing.

Contact EDF for more options!Customers who just want to talk to customersreal personHandling their EDF utility bills and other queries certainly does. there are countlesscontact numberDepending on the subject of your question and how you pay for your energy.

EDF login on request

EDF login: easy access to your MyAccount (11)

With the EDF app you manage your EDF Energy bill at home or on the road.

The EDF app is available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play Store. Once you've received the app and logged in, you can:

  • Sign up for an EDF login
  • View your account information
  • Reminder to submit meter readings
  • Submit meter readings or send photos of meters to be read by EDF
  • view your report
  • Payment
  • Submit meter readings via photo
  • change payment date
  • switch between your properties
  • fingerprint login
  • Simply contact EDF

if you havepay as you go, you can also use the app to:

  • check your balance
  • Top up your meter
  • Receive low balance alerts
  • Set up automatic top-up so you never run out of credit
  • View your charging history

Check that you have the correct meterThe EDF app is only available for customers with a credit meter or a smart meter based on payment. Traditional prepaid meters are not yet supported.

EDF login: easy access to your MyAccount (12)

Need better gas and electricity deals?

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How do I access my EDF account? ›

Go to MyAccount and enter your surname, account number and postcode. You'll find your account number on any bill, letter or email from us.

How can I check my EDF bill online? ›

Log in to MyAccount and click on 'My Bills/Statements'. Or, on the EDF app go to the 'Bills & Pay' page and tap 'View latest bill' or 'View Previous bills'. We'll keep your statements on the app and in MyAccount for two years.

Why is the EDF app not working? ›

If you are still experiencing problems, for example if the app is crashing or freezing, please try the following: Delete any current versions of the EDF app by holding your finger on the application icon and selecting the 'X' when it appears. Navigate to the App Store and download a new a new version of the EDF app.

How do I pay my EDF bill? ›

You can pay your electricity and gas bills in many ways:
  1. Paying online or via our mobile app.
  2. Using our payment phone line.
  3. By Direct Debit.
  4. Prepayment.
  5. Smart Pay As You Go.
  6. Cash or cheque.
  7. Paying by a bank transfer or from abroad.

Is there an EDF app? ›

Manage your energy on the go with the free EDF mobile app. You can do it all from your pocket; Log in quickly and securely using your fingerprint. Check your payment history, energy use and tariff information.

How do I reset my EDF password? ›

If you need a new password at any point, you can reset it in the 'About Me' section of MyAccount.

How can I contact EDF? ›

Received a call from us?
0333 009 7062 0333 009 6998 0191 543 3506 0800 056 2422 0800 056 1014 0115 718 0236 0333 188 6730EDF customer services
08082584203 07888863053EDF smart pay as you go meter appointments
07860 045 004EDF appointment reminders
0191 543 3405EDF smart meter queries
0191 543 3404EDF meter reading
8 more rows

Can I change the name on my EDF account? ›

You'll need to contact us if you need to: Change the spelling of your account name. Change your account name (e.g. to your married name) Change the name of the account holder (e.g. from your partner's name to your own)

Does EDF still exist? ›

As of 2021, EDF owns and operates 37 wind farms including the 59 turbine onshore wind farm at Dorenell in Scotland, and are developing two offshore wind projects at Codling Wind Park in Ireland and Neart na Gaoithe in Scotland.

Is EDF being taken over? ›

PARIS, July 19 (Reuters) - France's government is offering to pay 9.7 billion euros ($9.85 billion) to take full control of EDF (EDF.PA), in a buyout deal that gives it a free hand to run Europe's biggest nuclear power operator as it grapples with a continent-wide energy crisis.

What is the EDF Energy controversy? ›

The country's second-largest energy supplier, which has about five million customers, acted after British Gas suspended forced installations following a Times investigation that revealed debt collectors had forced their way into the homes of vulnerable customers.

How do I pay my bills? ›

How to pay bills on time
  1. Get organised. Get a folder and keep your bills in it. ...
  2. Choose a payment method that suits you. ...
  3. Check your bills regularly. ...
  4. Don't let your bills get on top of you. ...
  5. Make sure you're not paying too much. ...
  6. Pay online or phone banking. ...
  7. Other payment methods.

What happens if you don t pay electric bill and move out uk? ›

Here's what can happen: The missed payments could be marked as defaults on your credit report. Your debt could be passed onto a debt collection agency. Or the company could apply to a court to get a county court judgement (CCJ) against you.

How do I pay for gas online? ›

The Shell app makes it easy to make a mobile payment for gas at any Shell gas station by simply downloading it from your device's app store. Once you create an account, you can add a credit card or debit card, a checking account, or a payment service such as PayPal, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or Apple Pay.

Who owns EDF? ›

EDF Energy is owned by Électricité de France, itself 85% owned by the French government. EDF Energy supplies electricity and gas to 6 million customers in the UK. It also generates energy from coal power stations, 8 nuclear plants and some renewables, generating around 20% of the UK's energy.

Can I see my smart meter on my phone? ›

SmartThings Energy Control (STEC) is an app that shows live information from your smart meter. This guide explains how pair your In-Home Display (IHD) with the STEC app, so you can access your energy data from your smartphone or tablet.

What is alternative to EDF? ›

EDF Energy's competitors and similar companies include CEZ Group, SSE, Centrica, Enel Green Power, National Grid, Public Service Enterprise Group, npower, Vestas Deutschland, Axpo, Engie Portugal and CGN Power.

What does credit mean on my EDF bill? ›

If you pay your energy bill by direct debit, you might end up being 'in credit' with your supplier - this means that they owe you money.

How do I claim my EDF refund? ›

I'm a current customer - how do I get a refund?
  1. Log in to your online account.
  2. Call our 'no queue' automated system on 0333 200 5108(1)
  3. Download the EDF Energy app to give us instant readings.
  4. If you'd prefer to speak to someone, you can call us on 0333 200 5100(1)

How do I delete my EDF account? ›

Can I cancel my subscription with Edf energy directly?
  1. Fill in all your details and your letter of termination will be generated automatically. ...
  2. Your letter of termination will be signed for you automatically. ...
  3. Your registered letter of cancellation will be sent directly to Edf energy. ...
  4. You don't have to do anything else.

Is the bills app free? ›

The Bills Mobile app is FREE.

How do I view my bills on Google? ›

Access your billing accounts
  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console. Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in @gmail.com).
  2. In the Admin console, go to Menu Billing. Payment accounts.
  3. Next to your subscription, click View invoices. This takes you to the Transactions page for that subscription.

What does EDF stand for? ›

The European Defence Fund (EDF)

Can you email EDF? ›

Email – You can email customer_correspondence@edfenergy.com or use live chat on the EDF Energy website.

What is the address for EDF accounts? ›

Just write to us at EDF Energy, Freepost RRYZ-BGYG-JCXR, 334 Outland Road, Plymouth, PL3 5TU.

What does it mean when your EDF is in debit? ›

If your account is in debit, you've used more energy than you've paid for.

Do I have to have a smart meter with EDF? ›

Smart meters aren't mandatory. If you decide you don't want one, you simply need to let us know by opting out of having one. There are benefits to having a smart meter installed at your business, such as accurate bills without the hassle of giving reads.

Will EDF change my direct debit? ›

When does my Direct Debit amount change? Your monthly Direct Debit payments will be the same each month. However, we may increase or decrease the amount you pay to match your actual energy use over your billing period, based on actual meter readings when we receive them. We'll always let you know first of any changes.

How much electricity does a house use per day? ›

According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), the average American home uses an average of 10,632 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per year. That's 29,130 watts (W) per day, which can be divided by 24 hours to get an average of 1,214 W to power a home throughout the day.

What countries is EDF in? ›

  • EDF Renewables Brazil.
  • EDF Renewables Canada.
  • EDF Renewables Germany.
  • EDF Renewables India.
  • EDF Renewables Mexico.
  • EDF Renewables US.
  • EDF Renewables UK.

How many customers use EDF? ›

Octopus' Kraken to deliver enhanced customer service operations in EDF deal. EDF is to move its five million customers onto Octopus Energy's Kraken platform from the summer of 2023.

How much is the EDF takeover? ›

The government last year launched a buyout for the shares it did not already own in EDF with the aim to delist it, stumping up around 10 billion euros ($10.9 billion) to take full control of the debt-laden group.

Why is France buying EDF? ›

SO WHY DOES THE GOVERNMENT WANT TO NATIONALISE EDF? Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne said a full nationalisation of EDF, in which the state already has an 84% stake, would help France manage a transition away from fossil fuels and deal with an energy crisis that has been exacerbated by a war in Ukraine.

Is EDF 100% state owned? ›

The purpose of the bill is to allow 100% ownership of EDF's capital by the State and to make the company a limited company "of national interest". It was adopted by 127 votes to 89 with one abstention.

Where does EDF get its gas from? ›

In the US, the bulk of supply comes from gas markets. In the rest of the world, specific contracts have been established to guarantee the supply of the Group's gas-fired power stations.

Is EDF Energy ethical? ›

How are we doing? EDF Energy is committed to ethical business practice which includes paying our suppliers in accordance with contractually agreed terms.

Is EDF clean energy? ›

We're Britain's largest generator of zero carbon electricity(1) and all our home fixed tariffs get zero carbon electricity as standard(2). So, we actually produce our clean electricity and we don't need to buy certificates which some see as energy greenwashing.

What is the best day of the month to pay bills? ›

Paying credit card bills any day before the payment due date is always the best way to avoid penalties. Paying credit card bills any day before the payment due date is always the best. You'll avoid late fees and penalties.

Is paying bills online easy? ›

It's usually a simple process that you can complete through your online banking account or mobile banking app. Typically, you sign into your account, select the bill pay page and follow the steps as prompted. For each bill, you'll likely need to enter some of the merchant or service provider's information.

Is it better to pay bills weekly or monthly? ›

While nobody really looks forward to doing their bills monthly, much less even more frequently, experts agree that making weekly time for bills is a smarter way to go. Reviewing and paying bills on a weekly basis can save you headaches, hassles and keep you ahead of your financial goals.

Is it illegal for landlord to turn off electricity UK? ›

No. Your landlord is NOT entitled to shut off the supply. If he does this, that would be harassment which is illegal under the Protection from Eviction Act 1977.

What is the average monthly energy bill UK? ›

What's the average bill spend for gas? 1
Gas usageAverage annual consumptionAverage monthly cost*
Low (flat or 1-bedroom house / 1-2 people)8,000 kWh£77.73
Medium (3-bedroom house / 2-3 people)12,000 kWh£112.16
High (5-bedroom house / 4-5 people)17,000 kWh£155.21

What is the average monthly bill in the UK? ›

The average household bills per month UK

The average monthly household bill in the UK is £1,500. This includes rent, mortgage, utilities, council tax, and TV licence. The average monthly mortgage payment in the UK is £658. The average monthly rent payment in the UK is £1,113.

How can I pay for gas without a card? ›

Yes, you can pay with the Exxon Mobil Rewards+ app, use your Alexa enabled device and say "Alexa, pay for gas", or use a digital wallet on your smartphone to tap and pay at the pump with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

How can I pay for gas without cash? ›

Using a Credit Card at Gas Stations

Credit cards allow you to purchase fuel (or other goods and services at gas stations) without having to worry about having to part ways with your money right away.

What is the number for EDF customer service? ›

Received a call from us?
0333 009 7062 0333 009 6998 0191 543 3506 0800 056 2422 0800 056 1014 0115 718 0236 0333 188 6730EDF customer services
07860 045 004EDF appointment reminders
0191 543 3405EDF smart meter queries
0191 543 3404EDF meter reading
0345 112 2205 0333 305 0468EDF business sales enquiries
8 more rows

How do I find out if I'm in credit with EDF? ›

Log in to your online account. Call our 'no queue' automated system on 0333 200 5108(1) Download the EDF Energy app to give us instant readings. If you'd prefer to speak to someone, you can call us on 0333 200 5103(1)

How do I read my EDF meter by phone? ›

Give a meter reading
  • Through the EDF app.
  • Through your online account.
  • Calling 0333 200 5108.
  • Have your smart meter send the reading automatically.
Dec 20, 2022

Who bought EDF? ›

The agreement includes the purchase of EDF ES's full retail operating capabilities. Dave Lawler, chairman and president, bp America: “EDF ES is a leading retail power supplier in the US to C&I customers. We are excited to welcome the team to bp.

What time does EDF customer service line open? ›

If you have any questions about your EDF Energy business contract please call us free on 0333 200 5103(1) and our dedicated business team will be happy to help. We're open Monday to Thursday 9am until 6pm and Friday 9am until 5pm.

How do I contact EDF new customers? ›

Or give us a call on 0333 009 7114.

How much is EDF emergency credit? ›

You get £10 of emergency credit on your electricity meter, and £10 on your gas meter.

Why did I get a refund from EDF? ›

If you've switched suppliers and have received a final bill from us based on an actual or an estimated reading, we'll automatically refund any credit back to you within 14 days of your final bill/invoice. This is if you pay by Direct Debit, cash, card or cheque.

What is the payment line for EDF? ›

We're here to help - call us free on 0333 200 5103(1).

Does EDF have a WhatsApp number? ›

WhatsApp your query to 07480 802 942(1), then get on with your day. We'll get back as soon as we can.

What is the WhatsApp number for EDF? ›

EDF Energy contact for complaints

You can ring the EDF Customer Service Team on 0333 200 5100. This line is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. You can also contact the EDF Energy Complaints Team via WhatsApp on 07480 802 942 or by sending a text message to 07481 341 928.

Why is my electric meter flashing 88888? ›

A Smart Meter measures the amount of kWh you've used. A Georgia Power Smart Meter displays a series of numbers. If you view your Smart Meter and see 8888888, this means the display is in 'test' 'mode, indicating the meter is working properly.


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