EDF (Electricité de France) contact, quotation and helpline in English (2023)

electricity company (EOF) is the largest electricity supplier in the history of France. Founded in 1946, it was the sole electricity supplier in most of France for more than 5 years. However, with the liberalization of the French energy market, EDF now competes with a number of alternative suppliers. Find everything you need to know about EDF in our guide to contacting and registering for an EDF account, and how to find English speaking customer service.

EDF rate

Most French households buy electricity from EDFRegulatory rate(itblue rate), although it's not the cheapest offering on the market.

Price list regulated electricity tariff EDF basic option
EDF (Electricité de France) contact, quotation and helpline in English (1)Fixed annual meter costsKWh Price - Basic
3 kVA109,9€€ 0,2062
6 kVA€ 143,87
9 kVA179,36 €
12 kVA€ 215,87
15 kVA€ 250,22
18 kVA€ 284,07
24 kVA€ 357,83
30 kVA429,96€
36 kVA€ 500,56

Named Euro (TTC) Prices Electricity Tariffs Regulated by EDF Last Updated: 25/05/2023

itblue rateAndEstablished by the French government(Energy Regulatory Commission - CRE - and the Minister of Economy and Energy), usually about once a year. generallyblue rateIncreasewhen it is changed.

Rates from many alternative suppliers are based on input taxRegulatory rate, offers a discount. These discounts are typically 5-10% lower than the regulatory rate, but depending on the provider and program, they can be as much as 20% lower than the regulatory rate.

There are actually three different onesRegulated rate optionsavailable as part ofblue rate:

EDF options library

together withoption library, the electricity price you payremain the same all year roundregardless of the time of day or season. This option is best for low power users and those with few devices. Although this option is simple, it is not the cheapest on the market.

(Video) EDF debunk smart meter myths

Namesubscription feePrice per kWhgot engaged
EDF (Electricité de France) contact, quotation and helpline in English (2)established by the French governmentestablished by the French governmentNone: can be canceled free of charge at any time
EDF (Electricité de France) contact, quotation and helpline in English (3)Same as Regulatory Rate-5%Discounts on pre-tax regulated rate amountsNone: can be canceled free of charge at any time

EDF option Creuse

together withShort option(Can also be described asDay/Night Rate, ofPeak hours - Off-peak hours),Electricity prices vary depending on the time of dayWith this option, you pay two types of electricity rates: a more expensive "peak rate" (charged during peak electricity usage), or a cheaper "off-peak rate" (charged when total electricity demand is lower - usually at night). Tariffs for peak and off-peak hours are set by the network operator (not the customer) and arelocation specific(in French).

itShort optionA good choice for energy-hungry consumers with relatively flexible schedules (i.e. if you can wait until a certain amount of time to do laundry, cook, etc., this might be right for you).

Rates for Regulated Rates EDF Peak/Off-Peak Options
EDF (Electricité de France) contact, quotation and helpline in English (4)Fixed annual meter costskWh price
Peak hours
kWh price
off peak
3 kVA0€0€0€
6 kVA151,64€0,2228€€ 0,1615
9 kVA192,35€0,2228€€ 0,1615
12 kVA€ 232,040,2228€€ 0,1615
15 kVA€ 269,960,2228€€ 0,1615
18 kVA€ 306,990,2228€€ 0,1615
24 kVA€ 374,920,2228€€ 0,1615
30 kVA445,53€0,2228€€ 0,1615
36 kVA€ 513,090,2228€€ 0,1615

Named Euro (TTC) Prices Electricity Tariffs Regulated by EDF Last Updated: 25/05/2023

If you are interested in EDFShort optionYou should also know that alternative suppliers also offer peak/off-peak options, which are often cheaper.

EDF Options Cadence

itpace optionis a wholecomplex time sharing usage, where the price of electricity varies based on the time of day and the day itself (and how high the general electricity consumption is for that day).

In other words, withpace optionYou pay for peak and off-peak power, but these rates are especially high on certain days of the year (usually 22 days, spread between November 1 and March 30), and slightly higher at other times (43 days in a year), and off for the rest of the year (there are 300 days in a year - including all Sundays). you can know what day it ishere(in FrenchThis tariff is only suitable for large electricity consumers with relatively flexible schedules.

Option Tempo is a regulated rate option and no other provider offers anything like it. However, unless you are a larger electricity consumer and can significantly reduce your consumption on red days, the simple flat rate or heures creuses options from alternative suppliers with guaranteed savings compared to regulated rates are more affordable options.

(Video) Manage your energy on the go with the EDF Mobile App

Other EDF rates

EDF also sells renewable electricity rates, as well as regulated rates, calledOffers for green electricity.

Vert Electrique EDF Basic option Price list
EDF (Electricité de France) contact, quotation and helpline in English (5)Fixed annual meter costsKWh Price - Basic
6 kVA143,16€€ 0,212
9 kVA178,32€0,2142€
12 kVA214,56€0,2142€
15 kVA€ 248,520,2142€
18 kVA€ 282,120,2142€
24 kVA355,2€0,2142€
30 kVA426,6€0,2142€
36 kVA€ 496,560,2142€

Vert Electrique Prices in euros (TTC) by EDF Last updated: 25/05/2023

Offre Éelectricité Verte is a competitive offer (i.e. not regulated) that guarantees 100% green electricity (from renewable sources - mostly hydro and wind). However, several other providers offer 100% green electricity at lower prices:

⚡ Which renewable electricity provider has the cheapest basic options?
supplierleveringAnnual price incl. VATSavings and statutory ratesSubscription price (euro/year)kWh price
EDF (Electricité de France) contact, quotation and helpline in English (6)
classic and green
🏷️Index rate!
Estimated cost
130 euro
€ 143,87€ 0,1958
EDF (Electricité de France) contact, quotation and helpline in English (7)
flexible electricity
🏷️Index rate!
Estimated cost
€ 143,110,2024€
EDF (Electricité de France) contact, quotation and helpline in English (8)
blue energyEstimated cost
144,36€€ 0,204

*The form is valid from 25 May 2023. The cost price is calculated as consumption of 12500 kWh per year à Bergerac and option Base (6 kVA).

Over EDF

electricity company (EOF) was created in 1946 as a result of the nationalization of some 1,500 local distribution companies (known asElectroluminescent device).

This makes EDF oneMajor French manufacturing, distribution and supply companies, which had a monopoly over much of the country for more than 50 years until the French electricity market was opened to competition in the late 1990s as part of a wider European deregulation initiative. EDF was a state-owned company until 2004, when it became a limited liability company under private law (French foranonymous society), although the French government still owns 84%.

EDF events

EDF's activities cover the entire power line, from generation to delivery. thislargest electricity producer in the world, EDF is responsible for 20% of electricity production in Europe and 90% in France. The company is a major producer of nuclear energy (accounting for approximately 75% of total electricity generation in 2020) and operates 78 nuclear reactors worldwide (58 of which are in France). However, EDF is also Europe's largest producer of hydropower, currently accounting for about 10% of EDF's total electricity production.

(Video) Credit Where Credit’s Due? EDF – Energy Transition Plan Analysis

did you know?France's dependence on nuclear energy is a major reason why French electricity is relatively cheap. learn more aboutelectricity costs in francein our guide.

EDF also owns the French transmission and distribution company RTE (transmission network) for power transmission and ERDF (French distribution network), NotEnnidis, for distribution. Although ENEDIS is a subsidiary of EDF, it supplies electricity to all electricity consumers within its catchment area (95% of the French territory), regardless of their electricity supplier (Enji,planet and, ENZ).

With more than 28.1 million customers in France, EDF is by far the largest electricity supplier in the country. Since EDF is the historical electricity supplier, most French electricity consumers (mainly residential) still do not know that they can choose an electricity supplier.

While deregulation has forced EDF to lose some of its customer base, it has also opened up new opportunities to expand into other markets, such as natural gas. EDF now sells gas supplies and becomes a direct competitor to historic gas suppliers,Enji.

EDF English customer service

EDF worksEnglish helplineIt allows customers to get English-language support for opening an account, checking invoices and billing questions, getting meters up and running, changing personal information, and more.

Calling this number is freeFrench landline, but long distance charges may apply if calling from abroad.

EDF (Electricité de France) contact, quotation and helpline in English (9)

How to open an account with EDF

When you move to your new home in France, you may need itSet up electricity servicesYou can choose to open an account with EDF or you can contact an alternative provider directlystart service.

you canOpen an electricity bill with EDFBy phone, online or in the EDF boutiques. While the EDF website has some information in English, opening an online account can be complicated if you're not comfortable reading French, as most of the information is still in French. We recommend opening an account with EDF by calling the EDF English Helpline (preferably outside peak hours).

(Video) Why French Nuclear Energy Failed

Compare EDF with other suppliers (French)

  • You need the following information to open an electricity bill with EDF
  • yourcontact details: Name, e-mail address, telephone number
  • ityour new residential address.If it is an apartment, do not forget to mention the floor and number of the apartment (e.g. 3rd floor, door on the left)
  • itthe name of the previous occupant
  • yourBank information(ribcage) (IBAN and BIC, if you choose to pay automatically)

EDF complaint

althoughEDF Customer ReviewsOverall it seems positive, if you need to contact EDF to do thiscomplainWith regard to EDF's services, you can write to the following address:

Transport Security Administration 20012
41975 Blois Cedex 09

You can also fill in aonline form(French). learn more aboutSubmit an energy complaintin our guide.

EDF headquarters

EDF (Electricité de France) contact, quotation and helpline in English (10)

EDF headquarters
22-30, Wagramlaan
75008 Paris

Pay the costs

You can pay your invoice online in your personal space on the EDF website or by calling0970833333.Calls to this number from French landlines are free.

EDF customer service postal address

TSA 21941
62978 Arras CEDEX 9


Does EDF France have an English speaking helpline? ›

If you have difficulty reading French, you can contact an English speaking EDF adviser by mail 24/7 or by telephone from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday . Your online account is available in French only.

How do I contact EDF in English? ›

  1. Make a payment. Call: 0333 200 5108(3) ...
  2. Give a meter reading. Call: 0333 200 5108(3) ...
  3. Check your balance. Call: 0333 200 5108(3) ...
  4. Get a new tariff. ...
  5. Get help with debt. ...
  6. Ask about Smart Pay As You Go. ...
  7. Ask about prepayment (not smart) ...
  8. Save energy.

How do I contact EDF France from abroad? ›

Getting in touch with the EDF French Customer Service from abroad: ☎️ +33 (0)9 69 36 63 83. To reach the English-speaking EDF France assistance: ☎️ 09 69 36 63 83, or +339 69 36 63 83 if calling from abroad.

What is the English phone number for EDF in France? ›

What is the notice period to cancel my energy contract? There is no notice period: you can cancel your EDF electricity and/or gas contract by contacting us by telephone on: +33 (0)9 69 36 63 83 (price of a local call within France). An appointment is necessary if your electricity and/or gas meter is not accessible.

How do I contact EDF by phone? ›

EDF's customer service team is on 0333 200 5100 (Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm and Saturday 8am to 2pm).

Can I get around Paris speaking English? ›

Contrary to other counties, English isn't widely spoken. Although Parisians do not generally speak or like to speak English, tourists won't have any problems communicating in this language in most hotels, restaurants and shops.

Is EDF Energy English? ›

EDF Energy is a British integrated energy company, wholly owned by the French state-owned EDF (Électricité de France), with operations spanning electricity generation and the sale of natural gas and electricity to homes and businesses throughout the United Kingdom.

How do I pay my EDF bill in France? ›

You can either arrange to pay by cheque following receipt of your bill or arrange a direct debit (prélèvement automatique). You can also pay by credit card. You can also arrange to pay your bill on-line by setting up an account. You can do so for EDF at Mon Espace Client.

What is EDF automated contact number? ›

You can also top up calling our automated phone number 0333 200 5108(1) or in a shop with a PayPoint symbol. Find a PayPoint shop near you.

Why is EDF cheaper in France? ›

The big difference from Britain is that the French government forces majority state-owned monopoly producer EDF to offer more than a quarter of its production to suppliers at a huge discount on the current wholesale price. Historically, this cheap energy comes from an ageing fleet of nuclear power plants.

How do I connect to electricity in France? ›

If your property does not currently have an electricity supply you will need to make application for such a supply to EDF (Edenis). The request for a supply is called a demande de raccordement, which can be made by letter or on-line at Demande de prestation liée au raccordement.

Is EDF the only electricity supplier in France? ›

French energy suppliers

Due to their legacy of being the state-owned suppliers, EDF and Engie remain the most prevalent providers across the country. However, more and more French residents are choosing to have their utilities supplied by newer entrants into the energy market.

What are EDF tariffs in France? ›

EDF Tarif Bleu with the Heures Pleines/Heures Creuses option
PowerEDF standing charge (annually with tax)EDF price per kwh - heures pleines
15 kVA€269.96€0.2228
18 kVA€306.99€0.2228
24 kVA€374.92€0.2228
30 kVA€445.53€0.2228
4 more rows

How do I complain to EDF Energy? ›

updated along the way.
  1. Call: 0333 200 5100, open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm and Saturday 8am to 2pm.
  2. Email: customer_correspondence@EDFEnergy.com.

Can I add another name to my EDF account? ›

You'll need to contact us if you need to: Change the spelling of your account name. Change your account name (e.g. to your married name) Change the name of the account holder (e.g. from your partner's name to your own)

Can you email EDF? ›

Email – You can email customer_correspondence@edfenergy.com or use live chat on the EDF Energy website.

What time does EDF customer service line open? ›

If you have any questions about your EDF Energy business contract please call us free on 0333 200 5103(1) and our dedicated business team will be happy to help. We're open Monday to Thursday 9am until 6pm and Friday 9am until 5pm.

How do I contact EDF new customers? ›

Or give us a call on 0333 009 7114.

Is it OK to speak English in France? ›

Is It Rude to Speak English in Paris? While speaking English, in Paris, is not considered rude, expecting every French person to speak French will surely be seen as such. To avoid a cold reaction from the other party, it will always be appreciated to start the conversation with a simple sentence in French.

Do you tip in Paris? ›

It is polite to tip your waiter/waitress. However, bills in France include a service charge, and any extra is discretionary. The staff doesn't rely as heavily on tips as they do in the US, for example.

Is English mandatory in France? ›

Early is good, but..

Although many French children start their English education earlier, learning English does not become compulsory before the 6ème grade (at 11). Until 6ème schools may decide the language 'according to the available resources' (depending on their teachers' language skills).

What is the WhatsApp number for EDF? ›

EDF Energy contact for complaints

You can ring the EDF Customer Service Team on 0333 200 5100. This line is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. You can also contact the EDF Energy Complaints Team via WhatsApp on 07480 802 942 or by sending a text message to 07481 341 928.

How do I set up an EDF account in France? ›

If you wish to set up an electricity or gas account in France with EDF, you simply need to get in contact with the provider, either over the phone or online. It's good to know that EDF has an English-speaking customer service line which you can contact at 09 69 36 63 83, between 8a. m.

What does EDF stand for in France? ›

1946. The French government takes the decision to create a state monopoly for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. Electricité de France (EDF) and Gaz de France (GDF) become a reality on 8 April 1946.

How much is the average energy bill in France? ›

Average monthly utility expenses in France
ExpenseAverage cost per month
Waste Collection€20
1 more row
Sep 7, 2022

How do I pay with cash in France? ›

Cash payment

For tourists, as long as the purchase does not serve a professional activity, the limit is €15,000. As long as the amounts to be paid are under these limits, the trader must accept cash. Above these limits, the consumer needs to use another payment method such as cheques or bank cards.

What is the cap on EDF in France? ›

Under the French government's new measures, it has kept a tight lid on the regulated price that EDF is allowed to charge for its nuclear electricity, which will rise to €46.2 per megawatt-hour, from €42/MWh, despite a record surge in electricity market prices across Europe in recent months.

How do I check my EDF bill? ›

Log in to MyAccount and click on 'My Bills/Statements'. Or, on the EDF app go to the 'Bills & Pay' page and tap 'View latest bill' or 'View Previous bills'. We'll keep your statements on the app and in MyAccount for two years.

What is an EDF smart meter? ›

Your smart electricity meter shows you how much electricity you're using – and how much it costs – in real time. Your smart gas meter also gives you this information, but half an hour after you've used the energy. Smart meters also automatically send us meter readings (every half hour, every day or once a month).

How do I submit a meter reading to EDF France? ›

Where do you submit your meter reading? Send your meter reading from your online account or contact an EDF adviser by telephone on +33 (0)9 69 36 63 83 (price of a local call within France) from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

What is the EDF Energy scandal? ›

From September 2017 to March 2020, EDF Energy (Thermal Generation) Limited (EDF ETG) regularly sent misleading signals to the National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO) about the capabilities of its generation plant, Ofgem monitoring has found.

Are French energy bills going up? ›

It will add, on average, €20 per month to bills for people who heat their home with electricity on a regulated tariff. The exact amount of increase will depend on your tariff. The bouclier tarifaire was introduced in 2021 and renewed in 2023. In 2022, the price rise cap was 4%, whereas it is 15% this year.

What is the average wholesale price of electricity in France? ›

In January 2023, the average wholesale electricity price in France stood at around 11.8 euros per megawatt-hour, the lowest price since August 2021.

Do I need to bring an adapter to France? ›

This means that you will not need a converter or transformer but just a travel adaptor, because France operates on a 230V supply voltage, which is within the 110-240V range that the dual voltage appliance operates on.

What adapter to get for France? ›

The best type of electrical outlet adapter to buy for use in Paris and elsewhere in France is Type E, because it accommodates both grounded and ungrounded devices.

Do I need an adaptor for electric hook up in France? ›

Electric Hook Up

It is essential to have a 2-pin adaptor plug. It is often necessary to use a couple of extra fittings particularly in France, i.e the French-to-CEE17 connector and the reverse polarity connector, available from most caravan dealers and some electrical shops.

Who owns EDF in France? ›

EDF Energy is owned by Électricité de France, itself 85% owned by the French government. EDF Energy supplies electricity and gas to 6 million customers in the UK. It also generates energy from coal power stations, 8 nuclear plants and some renewables, generating around 20% of the UK's energy.

Who owns Electricite de France? ›

EDF Group's share capital at 28 February 2023
[Table version] - EDF Group's share capital at 28 February 2023 (Total number of shares 4,000,933,682) Capital: €2,000,466,841
French State (including Epic Bpifrance)95.94%
Institutional and Individual shareholders (excluding employees)2.87%
Employee shareholding1.17%
2 more rows
Feb 28, 2023

What are the night rate times for EDF? ›

You'll have a higher day rate, and a cheaper night rate, which applies for seven to nine hours between 8pm and 8am. These meters are often installed in properties that use electricity (rather than gas) for heating and hot water. The actual times your night rate applies will depend on where you live.

Why is France electricity so expensive? ›

For the first time in almost 40 years, France has had to buy more electricity from its neighbours (Germany, the UK, and Spain) than it has been able to make itself. These sources include nuclear power, renewable energy, and fossil fuels. This has also pushed the price up.

How much does 1 KWh of electricity cost in France? ›

Electricity prices for non-household consumers

The lowest prices were observed in Finland (€0.1150 per KWh) and France (€0.1267 per KWh). The EU average price in the second half of 2022 was €0.2104 per KWh.

How much does heating cost in France? ›

Electricity and gas consumption costs were stable, with the average electricity heating bill coming in at €1,750, and gas heating costs an average annual cost of €1,475. The cheapest form of heating was wood, with average heating costs of €769, a decrease of 5% compared to 2016.

How do I get out of my EDF contract? ›

Please call us on 0800 096 2255(1) Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm. Please note from the date you notify us that you wish to end your Agreement with us you will continue to be supplied Extended Supply Prices until you change supplier or agree a new contract with us.

Does EDF charge to change meters? ›

How do I change the type of meter I have? You should be able to get a new smart meter, at no extra cost to you. We're rolling out smart meters to EDF customers across the country, and aim to give all EDF customers a smart meter.

What does credit mean on my EDF bill? ›

If you pay your energy bill by direct debit, you might end up being 'in credit' with your supplier - this means that they owe you money.

Does EDF have an app? ›

Manage your energy on the go with the free EDF mobile app. You can do it all from your pocket; Log in quickly and securely using your fingerprint. Check your payment history, energy use and tariff information.

What happens if you call 112 in France? ›

112—General Emergencies, Throughout the EU

112 is a general, EU-wide number that can be dialed for any type of emergency. You'll be connected to the nearest call center and then the operator will direct you to the appropriate services after explaining your situation.

What is the help line in France? ›

112 is a free emergency number that can be dialled from any landline or mobile phone.

Can I travel to France speaking English? ›

Yes, you can speak English in France and almost always get by. In general, you will have an easier time in cities and with younger generations. However, speaking English will hurt your rapport with locals. Don't expect to make a lot of friends without at least trying to speak French.

What happens when you dial 15 in France? ›

SAMU, dial 15 or 01 45 67 50 50

In France, the SAMU is the national emergency organization. It has a 24-hour service and gives medical assistance for all medical emergencies. Its ambulances are manned by teams of trained personnel, and are equipped with emergency equipment for any cardiac or respiratory resuscitation.

What's 999 in France? ›

This number puts you in contact with the appropriate emergency police services nearest you, whether that is the Police Nationale or the Gendarmerie Nationale.

What happens if you call 911 in France? ›

If you dial 911 in France on a fixed line, nothing will happen. “SOME” mobile phones in France are programmed to redirect your call to a local emergency number of France, but not always. Phone manufacturers have to program a cell phone to work that way.

Is EDF owned by French people? ›

EDF Energy is owned by Électricité de France, itself 85% owned by the French government. EDF Energy supplies electricity and gas to 6 million customers in the UK. It also generates energy from coal power stations, 8 nuclear plants and some renewables, generating around 20% of the UK's energy.

What does SOS mean in France? ›

Translations. S.O.S. Noun. S.O.S., le ~ (m) (signe de détresseappel de secours) emergency signal, the ~ Noun.

Is emergency treatment free in France? ›

When getting sick or involved in an accident you have to present this EHIC to the French doctor or in a French hospital before treatment. The necessary medical expenses will be obtained. Normally you do not have to pay for the treatment.

Is calling ambulance free in France? ›

Transport costs arising out of an emergency are fully covered by the social security system. If a private ambulance taxi is used, you may be asked to pay (at some point) and then later receive reimbursement.

How long can an English person stay in France? ›

Attention, a long stay visa is required if staying more than 90 days in France.

Can you survive in France with English? ›

You can survive in France without speaking French. While the majority of French people consider themselves not to have a satisfactory level of English, people working in tourism can almost always speak English. Most young French people are fluent in English to some degree.


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