EDF contact number 0843 770 5028 | Numbers (2023)

Call EDF Energy customer service0843 770 5028Manage your gas and electricity bills, make payments or submit meter readings.

EDF contact number 0843 770 5028 | Numbers (1)

The best EDF customer service phone number is 0843 770 5028. For general inquiries you can also call 0800 056 7777.

customer service -0843 770 5028

Please contact EDF Energy customer service0843 770 5028For all general questions. This EDF customer service number connects you to an EDF advisor who will assist you with billing, billing and entitlement questions. If you have questions about a recent bill or payment, you can make an inquiry by phone and you will receive an immediate answer. If you have questions about your energy supply, you can call this customer service number.

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Request bill –0800 056 7777

Call EDF Energievrij0800 056 7777.This is the official EDF Energy toll-free number. This toll-free number is available for all customer service questions and is available Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM and Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Whether you have an account request, want to make a payment or want to switch to EDF, you can use this toll-free number to call customer service.

Direct debit setting –0800 096 2260

To set up direct debit at EDF Energy, please call0800 096 2260.This toll-free number connects you to the EDF Direct Debit Team. Call this number to set up your monthly or quarterly direct debit or find out when your payment is due. You can also call this number to notify EDF if you have a problem with your direct debit. Don't forget to have your card details ready when you call to pay.

Automatic 24-hour billing and meter readings –0800 015 1736

Call for 24-hour automated billing and meter readings0800 015 1736.This is an automated helpline with keyboard options. Call to inquire about a recent bill or account statement and provide a meter reading. Submitting meter readings via an automated system is quick and easy. Simply write down the number shown on your electricity or gas meter, then use your phone's keypad to enter that number when prompted.

Debt Helpline –0300 330 0519 of 0808 156 6666

Contact EDF Energy for debt help and advice0300 330 0519or inside0808 156 6666.If you're struggling to pay your energy bill, the EDF Energy Debt Helpline can help. Call the Debt Helpline now to discuss your duties, bills and payments with an EDF advisor. If you have problems paying your bills, EDF Energy will do everything it can to help you. You will also receive independent debt advice based on your individual circumstances.

Pay As You Go (Prepaid Meter) Aanvraag –0800 015 1733

Call EDF Energy for all prepayment questions0800 015 1733.This toll-free number connects you to the EDF Energy pay as you go team who will assist you with any prepayment accounts, billing and technical questions. If your meter fails, you can also call this number to report the failure. You can also call this number to order a new prepaid card or report your card as lost or stolen.

Fixed rate request –0800 096 7355

Call EDF Energy0800 096 7355When your flat rate ends. This is a special number for all flat-rate customers. It can also be used to manage your flat rate bills. EDF Energy recommends calling this number when your tariff is about to expire so that they can deal with your question quickly. By calling you will be given the opportunity to extend an existing deal, charge a new rate or stop a supply at EDF Energy.

Priority helpline –0800 269 450

Contact the EDF Priority Service helpline0800 269 450.Priority service is available for customers who need additional help with their accounts and billing. Customers who are visually impaired, have reached state pension age or have a disability can call the EDF Priority Line for assistance. The EDF Priority Service Helpline can assist you with bills, meter readings, debts, energy consumption and any specific needs.


Telephone EDF Energy0800 096 2929If you need text phone service. Text telephone service is available for hearing impaired customers who can use mini communication or text telephone service. You can call this number for all customer service and general questions. Call this toll-free number to make payments, check your bill, monitor your energy usage, renew or cancel your rate and more.

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International helpline –+44 (0)1138 207117

Call EDF Energy+44 (0)1138 207117If you call from abroad. This international number is used for all customer service and general enquiries. Customers should be aware that calls to this number incur high charges. The call costs depend on the country you are calling from. The exact compensation you receive will depend on this. Before calling EDF Energy from abroad, it is important to get advice on call costs.

Rate sales –0800 096 4063

Contact EDF Energy0800 096 4063Sales rate. This toll-free number is for new customers only. If you are calling from a mobile phone, you can make a call0113 820 7117EDF has a special customer service for new tariff sales of gas and electricity. By calling this phone number, you will get faster service than calling a normal number. Call to shop for new rates or to inquire about rates.

Summary of the EDF contact number

EDF contact number
departmentcontact number
customer service0843 770 5028
bill0800 056 7777
automatic collection0800 096 2260
automated line0800 015 1736
priority service0800 269 450

Business Customer Service –0800 096 2255

Call EDF Energy Business customer service0800 096 2255.This is a special telephone number for all EDF business customers. Call this number to make a payment, check your most recent bill, or ask other general questions. You can also call to extend or request a new gas or electricity bill. If you are an existing customer, you must provide your customer number so that EDF can help you as quickly as possible.

business sales –0800 015 9097

Telephone EDF Energy0800 015 9097For business sales. This toll-free number is for new and existing business customers who want to purchase a new gas or electricity bill. By calling you will have the opportunity to speak to an EDF energy consultant. You can also receive new energy quotes tailored to your individual needs. This business sales phone number is suitable for all small, medium and large businesses.

business facilitator -0800 404 7413

Contact EDF Energy0800 404 7413If you are moving. This toll-free number will transfer you directly to EDF Energy's business support team, who will be able to assist you in transferring your energy rates to your new premises. They can also help you upgrade your rate if your current rate doesn't meet your needs. Note that this number is only available to EDF business customers.

Summary of EDF Business Contact Number

departmentphone number
Business Customer Service0800 096 2255
business sales0800 015 9097
business facilitator0800 404 7413
meteraflezing0800 404 7421(
International helpline+44 113 820 7118

complaint -0800 051 1643

Telephone EDF Energy0800 051 1643file a complaint. This is the official telephone number of the EDF Energy Complaints Service. Please call to speak to a member of the Customer Complaints Team, who will guide you through the complaint process and investigate. This telephone number can also be reached for existing complaints. If you have already submitted a complaint to EDF Energy, please state your complaint number when you call.

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Alternative contact methods for EDF Energy

You can also contact EDF Energy using the following details:

Contact EDF in writing

The official EDF Energy customer service postal address that we provide below is in Exeter postcode EX2. You can write to EDF Energy about all your general questions and send your correspondence here:

EDF energy company,
osprey house,
osprey away,
EX2 7WN,


EDF Energy Customer Service Email Address

There are three email addresses for EDF Energy customer service:klantcorrespondentie@edfenergy.com,occ-contactus@edfenergy.comInklantvragen@edfenergy.comThese apply to all general questions.

There are two email addresses for complaints from EDF Energy:klachtresolutiemanager@edfenergy.comInCSDirector@edfenergy.com.

The e-mail address of EDF Energy Wholesale customer service ismajorscustomerservices@edf-energy.com.

EDF Energy Large Business Direct's email address isdirectsaletenders@edfenergy.com.

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The EDF Energy headquarters email address (general inquiries) isvragen@edftrading.com.

EDF Energy on social media



Google Plus -https://plus.google.com/+edfenergy

LinkedIn –https://www.linkedin.com/company/7480/


EDF Customer Service Telephone

For general inquiries call EDF Customer Service on 0843 770 5028 or 0800 056 7777.

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